RC Student Letting - Tenants

Welcome to our page especially for RCSLM prospective tenants.  Listed below are the 3 key stages to renting a property through RC Student Letting and Management and what will be expected of you.

Start of tenancy

  • To pay the deposit and any advance rent promptly
  • To provide full details of all the tenants name, course, home and email address, home and mobile telephone number and next of kin.
  • To carefully check and sign your agreement and the inventory of the property within the first 7 days of the tenancy. Report any inaccuracies or discrepancies in writing to the landlord or agent within this timescale.
  • To change all utility bills into the lead tenant's name
  • To report any repairs or outstanding items required when you move in as soon as possible so that they can be attended to.
  • To apply to Cotswold District Council for exemption from Council Tax through the Cotswold.gov.uk website
  • It is strongly recommended that you take out appropriate possessions’ insurance. Check first whether you are covered by your parent or guardians’contents insurance.
  • Students who bring firearms to University must register them with the University. Should you wish to take your firearm out of the University Armoury and wish to leave it in your rented accommodation overnight, this can only be done if there is a secure wall-mounted firearms cabinet in the house, and the firearm must be returned to the University Armoury as soon as possible

During tenancy

  • To behave in a reasonable manner, with consideration for neighbours, landlords/agents.
  • To be responsible for the behaviour of any visitors to the property.
  • Not to cause any disturbance in the community you live in, particularly before 7am and after 11pm.
  • To discuss any proposed changes of tenancy with the landlord and obtain his/her prior agreement before making any changes.
  • To pay the rent promptly. In the event of genuine difficulties, you should discuss the problem with the landlord as soon as possible.
  • To report repairs to the landlord/agent promptly in writing (email is fine) and allow access for inspection, repairs and viewings.
  • To take care of the property, its furniture and equipment and pay if necessary for any items damaged accidentally or by inappropriate behaviour.
  • To make use of any security measures provided.
  • To use fire detection and protection equipment responsibly, only for the purpose intended and only if safe to do so.
  • To keep the property adequately ventilated and heated to reduce risk of mould/damp from condensation. Ventilate the kitchen and bathroom when in use. Keep rooms well heated and ventilated where clothes are being dried.
  • To bag up rubbish and recyclable items and leave them out for collection in the agreed place on the right day. Do not put refuse and recyclable items out any earlier than 7pm on the night before collection or later than 7am on the day of the collection. Ensure you return wheeled bins to the property no later than 7pm on the day of the collection.

End of tenancy

  • The house must be thoroughly cleaned including ovens and carpets as detailed in your your tenancy agreement
  • Contact RCSLM a few weeks before the end of the tenancy to arrange an inspection visit.
  • Use the inventory and check out list provided by RCSLM to check the expected final condition. You should all leave the property and return all your sets of keys by the agreed date.
  • Before you leave, send in final meter readings for all utilities, request final bills and leave a forwarding address with utility suppliers
  • In the event of a dispute between you and your landlord, we would expect you and your landlord to discuss and attempt to resolve any differences before resorting to a formal complaint/legal remedies.
  • If you leave the property before the waste collection day, contact your landlord to discuss possible assistance with rubbish removal. He/She may be able to take rubbish to the household waste site on your behalf

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