Welcome to our page especially for parents of RCSLM prospective tenants.

What to Consider When Looking at a Property

Students can often feel pressurised into accepting the first property that they find and can end up living somewhere that isn’t best suited to them. As a parent living at a distance from Cirencester, you probably won’t be able to view the property. Please be assured that all properties are bound to strict health and safety regulations and whilst your son/daughter is living in one of our managed properties we carryout monthly visits to make sure all is well and to deal with any issues they may have. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that your son/daughter considers his/her accommodation carefully.

On a viewing appointment at a potential property to rent, your son/daughter should consider such things as the state of the furnishings, whether there are enough bathrooms/WCs for the house and if the bedrooms are equally sized or not. It is also worthwhile to suggest that he/she speak to the current tenant (if available) as they will be able to provide an accurate picture of what it is like to live there i.e. is it cheap to heat, what the neighbours are like etc. Additionally, your son/daughter should be asking the following questions:

  • What are the dates for the tenancy agreement?
    • Does it cover the academic year only or is the property for a whole calendar year. This can affect the suitability of the property as rent may be required for a period of time when it is unoccupied.
  • What is the rent per month and how is to be paid?
    • Is the rent affordable and are you aware of the rent per month? Rents are always payable monthly. The method of payment should also be considered, usually standing order due in the Agent's account on 1st of each month, therefore your son/daughter will have to arrange for the payment to leave their account no later than 27 of the previous month. Rents are generally cheaper the further away you live from the town centre, so if your son/daughter is willing to walk/drive a little bit further to class, it is definitely worth considering.
  • What is the deposit?
    • How much is the deposit? It should not be more than the value of 5 weeks rent.
  • What utilities (if any) are included within the rent?
    • Utilities such as gas, electric, phone and broadband are not usually included as part of the rent. Therefore, you should make sure that your son/daughter is aware that he/she must have the appropriate funds to pay for these every month. It is also worth considering as even if your son/daughter can afford the rent themselves, he/she may not have considered the utilities and other living costs. We can offer a bills inclusive package on most of our houses which covers gas, electric, water,TV licence and broadband.

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